The use of this service is common practice in countries with highly developed economy.It offers numerous advantages in compare with the traditional calculation of the salaries inside companies

The following expenses can be saved: on opening and maintenance of new work place, on purchasing of computer and software

The expenses on maintenance of hardware and renewal of software, which are inevitable because of the frequent changes of the legislation in this field, can be saved

Highly qualified experts shall control the regular calculation of all deductions, charges, taxes and insurances

The subscribers of the service shall receive filled in bank payment documents for performing of all obligations towards state institutions, as well as data prepared to be handed in into the National Insurance Institute

All books concerning the salaries are accurately prepared on time

"Business Software Consult" is one of the leaders in this field. Our long-term clients are already convinced of the quality and speed of our services. Our methods, imposed as a result of long-term practice, enable us to reduce as much as possible the effect of mistakes caused by the human, technique and other unexpected circumstances. We guarantee that all the calculations done by us are in conformity with the legislation. Confidentiality of the data and information, which we may know during the working process, is part of the policy of our company. We maintain up-to-date archive of the data that minimizing the risk of loss of information and making the check up of information of past periods possible.

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